After sharing  a video of Goldie putting her self to sleep I received so many dm’s asking HOW!? So i thought i’d do a recap on her routine now that she’s 8 months!

Firstly, let me start by saying I am no expert, my 3 children ALL still wake multiple times a night but I can see Goldie is definitely going to be my easiest and that’s because I’m implementing routine now, I didn’t have one when she was a newborn or probably the first four months really but once I started some kind of routine/pattern I noticed how much easier nap times were.
Goldie is 8 months now ( i know i can’t believe it either!) She has just transitioned into sleeping in her own room full time. This was really hard for me! The boys slept in our room up until Levi was 2.5 and Bowie was 1.5 so to me 8 months is so little, but I knew it was for the better. I definitely recommend having a baby monitor for peace of mind, we use the Cubo Ai Baby monitor which is linked to my phone and has an alarm for when she’s crying and I can whip open the app and see exactly what she’s doing anytime of day or night even when i’m not home!

Okay routine! I have nothing 100% set in stone but there is one rule i follow and that seems to have been the game changer for us!
It’s the 2 hour rule (that’s not the scientific set in stone rule, it’s just what I call it) Basically, from whenever Goldie wakes up I set a 2 hour timer.. when the 2 hours is up she goes back to bed. This means that instead of waiting for her tired signs and cues and missing her window and creating an over tired restless sooky baby, I’m putting her down when she’s happy but ready for her sleep making the whole process 1743032750285x easier.
She also goes down with her milk bottle and her dummy beside her to grab once shes finished with her milk. We use a sounds machine that plays white noise ($30 from baby bunting) and that’s honestly it.
I’ve also found now that I have the baby monitor, when she cries… instead of rushing in to figure out what’s wrong and letting her see me; I can watch her on my phone and see what she’s doing, is she screaming? or is she just kind of sooking and getting comfortable.. is she just trying to find her dummy? Often she’s just trying to find her dummy and I watch her to see how she’s going, she’s got the hang of it now and more often then not I don’t have to go in there so having the monitor is amazing for being able to see what they’re actually crying about and whether they need your help or just a minute to figure themselves out.
Sometimes I get caught up in the other kids and I miss her window and that usually ends in me sitting on the floor patting her bum to sleep but it’s not very often and I kinda like it because it reminds me she still needs me (stage 5 clinger here)

I also recommend getting in touch with a sleep school! I had help from The Sleep School and they were a bloody god send when Goldie was going through her 4 month sleep regression! You can find a recommend sleep guide from their sleep guide below


Holy moly does this girl eat now!! I am still using my Beaba Cook from storknest (code Lovejessiika) and it is still 4 months later the best machine!! I make all of her food in there and have been for the last 4 months, I have only just started buying store bought baby food and even then that’s only steamed jar custard. 99% of everything she eats is made in this machine.
Her fave mix is sweet potato, pumpkin, turnip, zuccini, and carrot, I don’t mind it either! And for sweets she has apple and pear. Now that she’s 8 months and has 4 teeth I would like to start giving her a bowl of what we eat for dinner but make it baby friendly, even if that means blitzing it in the beaba cook for a second just to chop it up smaller.

Breakfast – 2 Weetbix with boiled water and cows milk
Bottle with bed
Morning Tea – Custard or Apple and pear puree followed by a biscuit (we love the Whole kids organic soft cereal biscuits from woolies)
Lunch – Veggie – Puree
Bottle with bed
Afternoon Tea – Custard or apple puree + half a banana which I just give to her whole and she just eats what she can
Left over bottle from before
Dinner – Veggie Puree
Bottle with bed

I might give her more biscuits through out the day or little rusk crackers but generally this is how her day looks, she’s eating bigger portions now which I think definitely plays a role in how she sleeps at night, more food during the day generally means shes waking less through out the night for a bottle because she’s full from the day.


Her routine usually depends on what time she wakes up but for example this is how it would go if she woke at 6am

6:00am – Wake
7:00am – breakfast
8:00am – morning nap
10:30am – Morning tea (custard or fruit puree)
12:00- lunch
12:30 – bottle and bed
2:00 – Wake/ afternoon Tea (custard or puree)
3:00 – left over bottle from lunch or fresh one if she finished it
4:00 – afternoon nap
5:00 – dinner (veggie puree) then Bath
6:00 – bottle and bed

She might stir around 9:30 10 and I just top her bottle up which she will drink as she pleases through out the night


Beaba Cook is number one still! Can’t imagine my life with out this machine! You can purchase this from the stork nest using my code lovejessiika
Cubo Ai Baby Monitor – this is the one we use and we love love love it! Definitely recommend, I have a blog all about it’s features here
Chekoh Baby Sling– We don’t use the carrier AS MUCH now but the sling definitely comes in handy as she gets bigger, I keep it in my car so that it’s always there whenever i Need – Code lovejessiika

So that’s her current routine for the most part, if I forgot anything or there’s something else you’re wondering just drop it in the comments below!

Love Jessiika x