You’d think after three kids I would have tried every baby product out there! But alas, I have not! I have never had a baby monitor before, we’ve always lived in small enough homes that I can pretty much hear them from every room so I never felt the need to invest.

But I won’t lie, I’m one of those people that as soon as you think the babies asleep and you go to do something, suddenly you think you can hear them crying (like in the shower or when you’re vacuuming or blow-drying your hair) and then you sneak into the room to peak and end up waking them yourself and have to do the ninja tuck roll out of there and hope they didn’t see you and go back to sleep! I see you nodding in agreement!

Keeping Watch with Cubo Ai Baby Monitor

 Baby cameras have come along way in the last 4 years through my three kids. I remember the first ones were just sound. You could hear but couldn’t see your child. I think that’s why I felt I originally didn’t need one because I could hear them without a monitor. Then came video and seeing your child was the new thing – I admit, I was a little envious of my mum friends with their fancy cams but I was also a little like ‘okay, I’ve just seen them for four hours straight already. I’m not watching them while they sleep.

 Then came along smart cameras with applications on your phone and you could see your child from beyond 10 meters in your home. I mean, it’s no secret I’m a little obsessed with our Goldie girl. Perhaps it’s an ‘I know you’re my last child, I could watch, hold and kiss you over and over again thing?’ but I’m obsessed.

I recently got my hands on the Cubo Ai Baby Monitor and I think I open that app almost as much as Instagram. That’s right – you open an application on your phone and you can view, hear, see your child from where you are. That could be from the lounge room or your overseas kid-free holiday. Now that was something worth getting a baby camera for.

What I wish I knew about Baby Monitors

I must admit since getting a camera I realised I probably should’ve invested in one sooner, even when I had the boys. I’ve learnt a lot more about Goldie’s needs and sleep habits just by watching her without disturbing her and already knowing how to solve an issue without waking her right up or wondering what’s wrong and picking her up straight away. I can see if the dummy has fallen from her mouth and go in knowing where it is, pop it in and leave with minimal disturbance so I feel like it helps her sleep better and me rest more.

 Cubo AI’s Best Features for Goldie

 One of my favourite features is that it video records. When I wake up I can look back at the last few hours that I may have missed of her sleeping and see what habits she gets up to during her sleep. It also helps me to ensure her sleep environment is safe just by watching those sleep habits and whether the blanket comes near her face or not. In fact, it actually has a feature that detects her face and will alarm me straight away if something covers her face. A lot of incredible benefits to the Cubo Ai Baby Monitor in my eyes.

 It has all the other assets you’d expect and want from a smart baby monitor with temperature reading, humidity detection, 2-way audio, night vision and of course as I mentioned before the danger zone alerts for covered face, rolling over and crying detection.
It was after all created by parents. The best experts if you ask me!

 3 Kids + 2 Cubos = 1 Happy Family

It was really easy to set up! We set one up in the boys room and Goldie’s room. We got two because I figured that if we are out on a date night or away, I do have three kids and I would prefer the ease of watching them all while I can’t be there. It makes me feel more comfortable that way and it does give parents the ability to share access with up to 8 people you choose so whoever is watching them can access for that allowed period too.

The Cubo Ai monitors come with floor and crib stands so you can easily install to give you the preferred vision of your child in a way that is safe for their age. We use the floor stand for Goldies bassinet but in the boysroom, we just sit the camera on their shelf so as to not let them know so much about it being there. It is a cute camera, not bulky so I also like that.

 How You Can Get Cubo Ai 

You can currently get $140 off the purchase of a Cubo Ai Camera and I do highly recommend it. We love it and I love that it has all the included benefits into the one camera that most of the other smart cameras on the market don’t offer or you have to purchase separately (I did my research before determining this was the best one!) so it is actually great value for money if you are camera hunting!


You can get the Cubo Ai camera here and if you use the code: LOVEJESSIIKAW you can save a HUGE $170 off the usual price bringing it down to $299!


Love Jessiika, x