hello, i’m jess

creative at heart, a wife to philip and mother to three beautiful children levi, bowie & goldie

Before children I was a Early Childhood educator for 7 years! Then I had Levi and returned for a little bit before falling pregnant with my second Bowie, once he came along I decided I just wanted to stay home with them and that’s what I did!

Just before Bowie turned one I really became interested in taking photo’s, I think instagram really inpired me to want to learn more about creating and taking photos.

I use to do just do free shoot’s for people and watch endless youtube tutorials to learn different things and I ended up picking it up pretty quickly, fast forward 2 years later and well now I have my own successful photography biz. I remember thinking when I was younger about what I would be when I grow up and photography never even crossed my mind, it’s just crazy how things playout when you just run with it.

guardian of a
mother’s love.


I am passionate about photography and capturing the intimate moments of a mother travelling through her pregnancy journey.

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Jess xx

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I also dabble in a bit of social media and have a cute little following on Instagram (@jessiikawilson) I love my gram, I love creating content and beautiful photos, i love connecting with mums from all over the globe and just living my best life. I’ve really grown as a person since having children and growing this platform, I’m really content with who I am and where I am, I’m forever growing as a mother and a human being and learning new things and i’m so grateful for the life that I live.

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