I did it. We did it. The dream home, ours. Complete with everything we needed or wanted, signed, sealed and delivered – all that’s left, is picking up the house keys.


How did we get here? This past month has been filled with a rollercoaster of emotions as we (finally) secured our dream home. There’s NO question that there is an unprecedented amount of competition in the housing market – and it’s easy to lose your head in the process.


If you’ve been following me a while, you will know that the prospect of buying our first family home has been YEARS in the making. Even before the pandemic, we had been looking, researching, planning and yearning to find our home – a process that’s had more than its fair share of setbacks in getting to this point. Do we buy land and build? Do we go further east? Do we renovate? So much option overwhelm.


Yet, despite all the struggles, the buckets of tears, disappointment, insane market competition and many little moments of feeling disheartened, we’re HERE. 


We have gotten our heart set on a few houses prior to this one, and were crushed when we got knock back after knock back. Looking back now, I feel certain that was the universe telling us it wasn’t the right home, or the right time. 


So HOW in the HELL did we manage to find, secure and OWN our dream house, in our chosen location, with all the bells and whistles on our list?

I’ll tell you.


Ya girl MANIFESTED it. 


I’m talking, months and months of really nutting out what it was that we needed, and NOT compromising, settling or succumbing to the intense pressure and rushing our decision and our choice to just get A house, but instead persevering and sticking to our demands and manifesting THE house.


Was it easy to get disheartened? Absolutely. Did I cry? Buckets. But I had visualised, researched, prepared and injected a sense of ownership into my vision, to the point where I could close my eyes, and walk through the home in my mind. Step through each room. See the beds, the painted walls, the finishes on the furniture. Move from bedroom to bedroom. Open the doors and step into the sunlight on my back patio.


The one thing that I always was – despite so many setbacks; was patient. I trusted the process. I surrendered myself to the thought that when it was our time, the perfect home would present itself to us.


I kept my head, tried not to let my heart lead, and left it up to the universe. 

I never wavered from my ‘non-negotiables’ list.

I didn’t settle.

I kept my focus.

I waited, patiently.

I manifested.


I sincerely believe that had I not created 324324 Pinterest boards, checklists and done the mental preparation for the emotional gymnastics we were inevitably going to experience, we would not have made our dreams come true.


So listen to Aunty Jessiika, and know that this too can be your reality! Prepare, plan and persist and you can manifest your own dream, too.


…now come along for the styling and design ride! It’s going to be a TIME!