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It has never been more apparent that self-care is NECESSARY for not only your physical health, but also your mental health. Like – how many times a day – as a mama – do you have pockets of time that are JUST for you? For your body, for your mind, for your identity (other than ‘mum!!!!’ screamed 325234 x a day). In this rollercoaster world where so many other forms of self-care are taken off the table (goodbye, passport. Hello, FOMO) – like travel, festivals, markets, twerking on the d-floor – it’s so super duper important to find moments of ‘you’ among the chaos of life. You need to build in time DAILY – yes, in addition to trips to the hairdresser or a girls weekend – that honour your body, mind and soul, to keep that identity crisis at bay. It’s so important to nurture yourself, thank yourself and LOVE yourself. Why not invest in the biggest organ of your body – your skin! It’s a perfect way to slow down the ageing process and set aside DAILY pockets of delicious alone time.


I thought I would just obsess over my skincare routine and break it down for you so you can also have this glow going on (plus a cheeky discount – you’ll thank me later*). As you know, I am a slave to my skincare routine (cue meme about ‘would you still do your nightly skincare routine if something awful happened? – guiltyyyy!), and a devoted attendee of the fabulous Functional Nurse Madilyn at The Functional Skin Studio. She is a legit goddess and my skin has never been more healthy and vibrant. 


Not only does Madilyn offer cosmetic injectables to keep my facial landscape plumped and primed, she has her very own skincare range – it’s a game changer. I have even had to change up my makeup to a more natural enhancement look (cue Mecca spree yesterday), because my skin doesn’t actually need much coverage – love that for me! I have listed the products below, click on them for more details and a full ingredient list.



Step 1. The Lily Cleanser

Source https://thefunctionalskinstudio.com/

I use it after I take my makeup off, pop it onto wet hands and lather it up before massaging into my face with water, then washing off with warm water. It smells SOOO good.



Step 2. The Sophia Serum

Ya girl loves a serum. With my dark patches/hormonally-induced pigmentation and dark circles (thank you dear children), this baby is a brightener. Vitamin B really packs a punch!

Source https://thefunctionalskinstudio.com/

Step 3. Biologi Organic Rosehip Oil

The first of only two products that I use that aren’t from Madilyn’s own collection, this little beauty is a hydrating, brightening bottle of goodness, rich in retinol (Vitamin A). Fine for sensitive skin!

Source https://thefunctionalskinstudio.com/

Step 4. Osmosis Enrich Moisturiser

My other product outside of the Functional Skin collection is this pot of magic that utilises your down-time as you sleep (literally beauty sleep) and you wake up firmer and smoother. I don’t just use this at night – it’s a perfect primer for under my makeup, which I have noticed stays put for longer. 

Source https://thefunctionalskinstudio.com/

Step 5. Ruby Radiance Mask

Last but definitely not least, we have the once/twice-a-week self-care special. I use mine as a mask, but it can also be used as a deep cleanser/exfoliant for more blemish-prone skin, or even during seasonal changes (hello skin, meet dry, flaky Winter). 

Source – https://thefunctionalskinstudio.com/


The above products adorn my face twice daily (with the exception of the last product) and it is definitely a favourite part of my daily routine. What is not to love!? It’s working for me, I feel like it’s a little take-home mini facial between visits to see Madilyn whenever skin concerns feel beyond the control of my own little hands. 



I know not all of you are blessed with having Madilyn and her team in close proximity – she thankfully has an online store, with a helpful skin-assessment quiz to prescribe the best products for your individual skin type. Also – free shipping over $100! Win-win.



Madilyn has generously given me a discount code for my followers! Use code: Jessiika15 STOREWIDE *excludes all Maaemo skin products.


Happy shopping, happy skin, happy times!




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