As a mum, there are a multitude of reasons why we don’t schedule in some #selfcare – most of them falling into the #mumguilt category. But what if I told you that a girls-only getaway was ACTUALLY scientifically backed to improve your wellbeing? Women are hardwired to be connected. There’s no wonder the saying ‘it takes a village’ resonates with us today, in a world where ‘villages’ have quietly and sadly dwindled away to the occasional mums group on Facebook or the collective effort of your support circle, whether that be grandparents, siblings, school mums and your closest friends. The village mentality is such a welcome one, yet it’s incredibly uncommon. So how can we possibly be expected to wear ALLLLLL the hats, all the time? The short answer is – we can’t.

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Enter stage left; your girls. The uncanny combination of personalities that seemingly mesh together to bring collective joy and mischief to the surface (that has nothing to do with the tequila shots or TikTok drinking games), and science will BACK you. Gather your galfriends and luxe it up in a Stayz property somewhere exotic AF where you can literally do whatever you want. Imagine! Going to the toilet (in your own personal ensuite FYI), without being chased by sticky little hands…unless you have that one completely uninhibited friend who is one with oversharing and will quite literally yell out from the loo with the door open for FOMO’s sake (I’m looking at you Tammy).

Allow yourself the time to connect, laugh, be ridiculous, raid each other’s wardrobes, and inject some childish and playful conquests into your weekend. Whatever your go-to, whether it be nudie runs, truth or dare, high-end cheese platters as full as your luggage case or yoga on the deck overlooking the river, you do you, boo. Brunching all day long, shopping without lurking, bored partners or grabby/roughhousing kids, and coming home to slip into the pool/spa/jacuzzi/any horizontal surface for a well-deserved nap. Waking refreshed, you can collectively either rinse and repeat last night’s antics, or opt for pizza and a cup of tea/margarita whilst chatting til the early hours. No one to put to bed (unless you’re like me and peak too soon), just your own body to yourself. Before you know it you’ll be scrolling through pics of the kids and comparing hilarious stories whilst fondly remembering the way their heads smell. You’ll feel equal parts free/naked with just a tiny handbag and like a complete rebel for wearing white silk or dangly earrings.


Too often we get so caught up in being mums, that we start losing our own very unique identity in the process. Associate Professor of Psychology William Chopik (here), found as we age, friendships become increasingly important. He also found that sometimes, friendships with close friends were even better for you than relationships you have within your family, and even with your spouse. Having an urban family of chosen friends – particularly for those friends who may not have complete families – has led to scientists at Harvard (here) saying that not only are they good for you, they are up there with good sleep, non-smoking, and nourishing food! 


So there you have it. The proof is in the pudding. If it’s good enough for Harvard, it’s good enough for you and your girls. 

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