Going into baby number three I knew the already limited alone time Phil and I had together between the boys and everything else would be limited even more with another baby in our arms, our Goldie girl has been with us 7 days today and out of those 7 days Phil and I have shared a bed approximately 0 times. But to be fair we have Levi & Bowie to thank for that, ha!

So when the opportunity for us to have some alone time before baby number three came along we jumped at it! We’ve never had a “baby moon” before so we were excited, just to be alone, just to have the option to do whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted!

We spent the weekend at the Wyndham Hotel Surfers Paradise and we had the most incredible time. The first thing we noticed when arriving at Wyndham Hotel Surfers Paradise was the  amazing customer service. Phil is really OCD about good customer service (it’s his job) and it’s the first thing he takes note of anywhere we go. All of the staff were so friendly and kind it was really welcoming and definitley one of the reasons we will return.

The hotel was beautiful, we stayed on the top floor (17th) and the views were amazing! I will never pass up an opportunity for ocean views because in my opinion they’re worth every extra dollar!
The room was the perfect size for us with a full kitchen, the bedroom and a king size bed (hallelujah!) and of course, ocean views from the bed! And the Balcony was HUGE which was perfect for soaking in the sun for our morning coffee!

My favourite thing about the Wyndham Hotel Surfers Paradise was definitley the POOL! The area was beautiful, they had lounge chairs and 2 cabanas that we quickly snapped up in the morning, it was a really good size and suitable for kids and adults. Right next to the pool they had a huge recreation deck with barbecues, alfresco seating and television so if you wanted you could take your family down to the pool and cook a bbq lunch you could watch the football at the same time! Or if you’re anything like us ABC Kids haha
They also offered other facilities like an outdoor spa and gym, stylish lobby bar, café and restaurant, free Wi-Fi, and free onsite parking.

Another great thing about the Wyndham Hotel Surfers Paradise was how close it was to the beach, it was only a 5 minute walk down one street before you had your toes dipped in the sand.
Can I just say being able to say “let’s go to the beach” grabbing a towel for yourself and leaving the apartment in less then a minute was such a thrill, if we had the kids with us it would have taken us an hour just to  make sure we had everything haha
Surfers Paradise is beautiful though, we spent the Saturday afternoon just soaking up the last of the sun, watching people surf, not worried about dinner and enjoying each others company.

I highly recommend anyone who is just about to welcome a new baby into their home to go on a baby moon, taking time to reflect and really appreciate each other before you have to share yourselves is really important and helpful for your relationship, it just gives you an opportunity to be like “Hey, It’s about to get really busy around here; so I just want to take this time to tell you I appreciate you, I love you and I’m happy to be here with you”.

Thank you to Wyndham Hotel Surfers Paradise for giving us the opportunity to stay with you, we enjoyed every minute of our stay and can’t wait to return with all of our children.

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