In between last week’s blog on how we (I, let’s be real) manifested our dream home, there has been A LOT. A 7-day homestay (no ‘L’ word here, thank you), a thousand boxes, negotiating the logistics of the next Bloom Store release and packing. Up. An. Entire. House. 


I may have mastered the skill of filling holes (don’t be so FILTHY…I’m lookin at you, Phil), but continuing to live your life whilst packing up 95% of your home comforts can be…challenging. Especially when ⅗ of us don’t have the whole-picture understanding of a fully developed adult brain. Explaining to a 4 year old that they can only choose five toys to last until move in day, it was a time. It was a tiiiiiiiiiiime.




The countdown is now officially on for us to take the next step and move into our very own dream home complete with a lush backyard, room for a pool (hello Summer), and so much more. When I walked through the house for the first time, I got a feeling. A sparkle. A vibe. I could imagine so much of our future in this very place. She’s an old girl, but she’s got good bones. So much POTENSH. So many Pinterest boards have been feverishly collaged to match the visions in my head, and align with my design style for the new digs.


I can see the boys, in their very OWN separate rooms, tearing in and out between the two, making their own personalities shine through, giving them free* (mostly – mamas still Head Honcho of the design team) reign, a blank canvas to decorate their own bedroom-scape. 


For so long they have shared their space, their interests and their toys and I can’t wait to see how they unfold their little personalities as they forge their way through the next few years, their school years, up until they are the moody teens slamming doors and rolling eyes at yours truly. Me, patrolling the hallway and making sure their doors are open when their girlfriends/boyfriends come over – and on that note, having the safe sex conversations! What a time. 


Will the boys stay super close? Will they stick to their common go-to faves, revelling in the fact they like the same things even with their own space, or will the excitement of their own rooms lead their imagination wild!? I simply cannot wait to watch them grow, in whichever direction that may be.


Goldie. Sweet little Goldie Girl. When I think of my darling daughter, I realise this is where her earliest memories will reside. These walls, this lawn, this home will become all she knows, until she’s AT LEAST 18. Right Phil? 21? 


For me personally, the burning urge to put my personal touch in the well-loved, and lived spaces of this family home as it passes to us, is almost overwhelming. When I met the owner and we locked eyes, there was a knowing there. A feeling of safety. An ‘I know you’ll make irreplaceable memories between these walls’ look. Almost a rite of passage as ownership was passed from an older family who had been us, 30 years ago. 


I’m so excited to pump some J-Biebs and smash into the old shed that will become Bloom Store HQ – a place I can create, dream and inspire myself as my little biz blossoms. To watch Phil do workouts through the window, as I lick the windowpane. Nah jks I’ll lick him.


But seriously – our dreams have come true and now it’s ReNoVaTiOn StAtIoN, comin’ in hot!


PS – you BET I’m makin’ Phil carry me over the threshold…


Stay tuned for endless styling dilemmas, painstaking paint choosing and storage/home life hacks to keep ya girl sane as this process unfolds. 


Xx Jessiika