People said I was crazy to be changing Goldie’s Nursery already, “shes not even one yet!” they would tell me. But here’s the thing, yes I put together a beautiful room for my golden girl, It was gorgeous! But it was before I knew who she was, before she even had a name, before I met her and watched her personality thrive in these short 12 months that she’s been here and the more time went on and every time I walked into that room it just didn’t FEEL like her room. SO that’s why we updated her nursery, we didn’t buy to many new things, mostly shuffled and repurposed old things that we’d stored away. The biggest change was the adding of the new wall paper, that made a huge difference in the world to this room and it really is the star of the show! We swapped over our prints, took down some shelves and removed the canopy swapping it for a mobile instead, It’s Gold and beautiful; just like Goldie girl. It can be really overwhelming doing a whole new room for your child and my biggest tips are 1. take your time 2. start with an accent piece and… 3. plan before you buy Start with a mood board, hop on pinterest and create your own pinterest board for your room. Then add all the images of rooms you like, colour schemes, furniture pieces, bedding and see how it all comes together as whole. That will help you decide what fits and what doesn’t. I learnt whilst doing Goldie’s room that not all pinks match in with all pinks and there are different hues and tones/temperatures and you really need to make sure you are selecting colours that go together so it doesn’t look like a giant pink explosion!
Alrighty less chatty more showy, here’s Goldie girls new nursery.

Wall Paper – I dream of Genie/Peach from Minnie and Me Interiors 
Bedding – Cot sheet – Pop Ya tot (code: lovejessiika20)
Bedding – Cot Quilt – Bubbles Lane 
Dolls house cabinet – Tiny Harlow (code: jessiika)
Ollie Ella Pink Basket – Peppa Penny 
Wall Bunny Mirror – The Ivory Fawn Co 
Goldie Pillow – Holi and Bobbin
Octopus soft toy – Peppa Penny 
Baby Monitor –  Cubo Ai (code: lovejessiikaw) 
Rug – The Mum Life 
Curtains – Ikea /we used 1.5 packs 
Cot – Ouef NYC

Wall Paper – Milton and King 
Art Work – Violet Eyes 
Olive plant – Adairs 
Hemnes Drawns – Ikea 
Wood Carousel – Sonny and the dolls  
Name Plaque – Zilvi (code: lovejessiika)
Swan – Peppa Penny 
Bunny headband – Bonnie and Harlow
Goldie Flag – The Nest Aus 

Mirror – Kokonuts Living 
Mobile – Juno and Ace 
Soft Dolls – Peppa Penny 
Dolls Furniture – Tiny Harlow (code: jessiika) 
Mini Land Doll – Peppa Penny 

And that”s it from me folks! I am obsessed with this room and how it all came together. The wall paper wasn’t too hard to apply, it only took us about 30 minutes once we got the hang of it, it’s also removable so great for rentals! We hung the mobile in the ceiling using an anchor hook, we do rent and will have to patch these holes up when we vacate but it’s an easy fix! Hopefully I’ve covered everything in this blog for you but as per usual please leave any questions below! 

Love Jessiika x