A couple of months back I decided to take the plunge and buy my first couple of pairs of the much talked about Modibodi underwear. Now if you’re not sure what they are basically they’re reusable period undies! Sounds gross but bare with me.
I was a huge skeptic of this, I couldn’t comprehend the no leaking and the fact that you just wear underwear and that’s it! So I needed to find out for myself. I bought 5 pairs of the moderate – heavy flow briefs. I am a regular every 4 weeks, 8 day period kind of girl so I didn’t bother with the light absorbency. I also went high briefs because because I have a booty and wanted full coverage especially when I’m sleeping.

Now I don’t want to drag this blog out so I’ll get straight to it,


Yes, absolutely 100% they work and they are literally my favourite thing! I LOVE them! They are not only super comfortable but it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing a pad, it doesn’t feel uncomfortable, it doesn’t feel icky or yuck it just honestly feels like you’re wearing underwear.
I remember the first time I tried them I kept going to the toilet to see if I still had my period because I couldn’t feel anything.

Okay next question, how do they work?

Made super-slim – only 3mm thick – the Modifier Technology™ can hold up to 20ml or up to 4 tampons worth.

  • The top layer quickly wicks away moisture, fights bacteria and stops smells, so you stay dry and fresh
  • The middle layer safely absorbs fluid and locks it away (5-20mls depending on the flow you go with)
  • The bottom layer is extra waterproof protection, so you’re super secure and sassy as alwaysWhat absorbency should you get?


    • 5ml =1 tampon or 1 teaspoon
    • For: Occasional discharge and little drips
    • Feels: Dry and clean, a happy little machine


    • 10ml = 2 tampons or 2 teaspoons
    • For: Using alone on light-medium period days, as back up on heavy period days, for sneaky leaks and heavy discharge
    • Feels: Liberating, your new lifesaver!


    • 15ml = 2-3 tampons or 3 teaspoons
    • For: Using alone on heavy period days, overnight for protecting your white sheets or sneaky wee leaks and heavy discharge
    • Feels: Comfy, secure and carefree


    • 20ml = 3-4 tampons or 4 teaspoons
    • For: Using alone on heavy period days, overnight for protecting your white sheets, or for those ‘I almost weed my pants’ leaks
    • Feels: Snug as a bug overnight, sustainable and super safe!

    How many pairs should I get?

    So ultimately that really depends on your flow. I personally have 5 and my first 2 periods I used them that was enough but my last period was heavier then usual (post surgery) and I probably could have used  7-10 just to slow down on the washing.
    Generally I would use 2 pairs a day (3 pairs on day 2) and then one for over night. If I’m going out I just take a spare pair with me and a wet bag, the same I would use for reusable nappies.

    Something I love about Modibodi is that they really cater for everyone, I wish i had something like this post partum or when I was a teenager going through my first period and I honestly find so much comfort knowing that one day something like this will be available to my daughter so she doesn’t have to stress about pads and tampons and deal with chemicals, not to mention the impact it will have on the environment. It takes 500 years for pads to breakdown which means that the first pad every invented is STILL OUT THERE.

    So overall yes I rate them I recommend them and I think everyone should consider using them!! To me there is just no cons in investing in Modibodi and I’m really happy that something like this is available to women!

    To shop Modibodi click here! 

    Love Jessiika x