If you’d had asked me a year ago if I would be writing a blog about using cloth nappies I would have laughed in your face! Honestly, I use to think they were disgusting! I was very opinionated about them, even after working in daycare and having seen them in use, I refused to change them.. and now all I can think is how close minded I was! Cloth nappies have to be a choice and I am fully aware that they aren’t for everyone, but I highly recommend giving them a go before throwing them in the too hard basket because in all honesty.. it’s actually not that hard. I have had loads of questions about our cloth nappy journey so far, how am I finding it, is it hard? Is it worth it? So here I am to tell you!



My biggest fear,
going into cloth nappies was obviously the cleaning side of it, how the hell do you clean them and keep them fresh and from going bad! There are so SO SO SO many wash routines our there for cloth nappies. I joined a group on facebook called Clean Cloth Nappies and if I’m completely honest I found it super overwhelming, personally I think there’s a lot of information.. almost too much and reading some of the comments there are some people out there who have very strong opinions about wash routines and which way is the right way! But there are also really amazing admins who run the page who offer help where every its needed so each to their own I think!
I read the information and took from it what I felt useful. I think it’s really important you establish your own good wash routine, research your nappies and your washing machine ( apparently all very important ) before moving forward.

Anyway before we get into that let’s start from the beginning, WHY.
Why cloth nappies? Somewhere between 800 million nappies go to landfill each year, 800 MILLION. I’m becoming so much more aware of our contribution to landfill and the earth we live on and that figure absolutely blows my mind. Knowing that there is other options available to me to lesson my contribution to that 800 million was enough for me to make the change and honestly it’s not that hard and I actually enjoy using them!
I’m also saving money, like a lot of money, collectively I spent about $800 a year on nappies. Don’t get me wrong I still use them at night time but now I’m only buying nappies for Goldie once a month instead of once a week.


So, where to start! 
Well you need nappies, and a decent amount but remember, this is a once off purchase that will LAST. I Purchased all of my cloth nappies and inserts through MY LITTLE GUMNUT and they are so cute!
I knew going into this that I wanted to hit the ground running, all or nothing with me. My little gumnut offer these amazing value packs where you can basically buy everything you will ever need in one go!
I got the Ultimate Value Pack, the cost of this is $399.95 which is half of what I would spend annually on disposable nappies but I don’t have to replace these!
In the Ultimate Value pack you get everything you would ever need

  • 22 Daytime Modern Cloth Nappies
  • 2 Nighttime Modern Cloth Nappies
  • 1 Large Wet Bag
  • 1 roll of Bamboo Bio-Liners
  • 5 pack Reusable Bamboo Wipes
  • 1 medium Swimming Nappy

I was able to basically start cloth nappies full time (except for night time) straight off the bat and it’s been amazing! A really easy transition that even my husband has taken too!
We take the wet bag with us in our nappy bag for when we go out and put all of her dirty nappies in there. The bamboo bio liners are great for catching poo and they go straight in the bin!

Okay Cleaning,
I dry pale my nappies which basically means putting them in an open air basket while waiting to be washed.
I keep mine in the laundry sink right next to the machine. Once I change Goldie I throw the liner in the bin and put the wet nappy straight into the dry pale, no need to rince if its just wet. If it’s soiled and the liner hasn’t caught all of the poo I use the scrubbing brush from kmart (LIFE SAVER) and just scrub the poo off in the sink and then put the nappy straight in the basket for 1-2 days adding to it every nappy change.
PRE WASH – I pre wash my nappies every 2 days, I just put the machine on Quick wash and the water on hot (recommended is over 60 degrees)
MAIN WASH- Main wash I do after my pre wash and I do the Extra clean wash with hot water
It’s really important you establish your own good wash routine, every machine is different so find out what works best for you!

End game,
The first week was really overwhelming, I thought I might have over committed but once I finally got the hang of it it’s honestly been the best and easiest change to our home and I actually feel so so good about it!
I have loved this journey and I would recommend anyone whose thinking about it to just do it! Don’t over complicate it or over think it, it’s just learning and evolving and once you establish a good routine you will wonder why you waited so long!

And to make the transition even easier I have asked My Little Gumnut if they would be willing to offer a discount and they have kindly said YES!
Code: lovejessiika will get you 10% off store wide x 

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions drop them in the comment section below!

Love Jessiika x



  1. Rosie

    Thanks for this Jess! We just started with cloth nappies yesterday, and our bundle of My Little Gumnut nappies are on route. Looking forward to trying them out because I’m not sold on the brand we have.
    So, I def found it equal parts exciting/overwhelming when thinking of starting with cloth nappies, but it’s good to know we will get into the swing of things soon. This post was super helpful, need to pick up a vented basket & scrubber brush! All the best for continued success with your MCN journey x

    • Jessiika Wilson

      Absoloutley honey! I love our nappies, I have trialed another brand and definitely love My little gumnut, goodluck with your journey! Xx

  2. Desiree

    Yay! I’m so glad that you’ve found your own little routine and are all enjoying it. I can’t wait to start cloth nappies when bub comes along in Febraury. Thank you for the discount code x

  3. Kuini

    Yay, I love that MCNs are being talked about by someone with a big platform like yourself – they are fantastic and super simple once you get the hang of it. Only little thing is that the recommended washing temp is no more than 60°c (40-60°c is best), rather than over just due to the risk of delamination of the PUL being washed at high temps 😊

    Thank you again for using your voice to reach out about MCNs – they are bloody great, and who doesn’t love a fluff bum 😂

    • Jessiika Wilson

      Oh there you go! I’ll have to update that, thank you’ xx

  4. Tahlliah

    Well done!! We didn’t use cloth with our first two sons but have been in full time cloth from about 8 weeks old (now 4months) and we absolutely love it!! Even cloth wipes too. I must admit Hubby was a bit Like “oh okay if your sure” thinking it was going to be a fad for me but now he loves it just as much and tells EVERYONE! We have just purchased a super absorbent night nappy too so here we go!

    Every little change helps xx

  5. Melanie

    Oh I love that you have given cloth a go and have converted over! We have been full time cloth nappying our almost 7 month old for about 3 months. I wish I’d started sooner. It’s not nearly as hard as I thought! Anyway so happy to see an influencer trying cloth and spreading the word, hopefully we see more cute cloth bottoms and less disposables in landfill! x

    • Jessiika Wilson

      Oh totally agree!! The first week was questionable haha but once I got the routine down i wondered what took me so long! Feels so good 👍🏼

    • Alice

      I love you’ve transitioned to MCNs and have contemplated it myself! How old was Goldie when you started them?

      • Jessiika Wilson

        Hi lovely! I think we started when she was about 6/6.5 months old!
        I probably wouldn’t start (personally) any earlier then 3 months just because there poo is so runny/irregular I think the washing process would be exhausting but that’s just my personal preference, I know lots of people who have done it from birth xx

        • Alice

          Thank you! Our babe is 5.5months now and the thought isn’t so daunting anymore! I think I’ll give them a shot!

  6. Charlotte

    Are your liners flushable? I used to flush my bamboo liners when they were dirty. I did cloth nappies with my first baby for the first 8 months. Then did them with my second for about 4 months. I had issues with them leaking. I still have all of my nappies. My youngest is 2 and I’m considering using the cloth nappies again as a step to toilet training so he’s more aware of being wet. Plus, they’re super cute and just sitting in my cupboard.

    • Jessiika Wilson

      Hi lovely! I don’t believe so, however they’re biodegradable so can you straight in the bin!
      I actually have found since using cloth nappies she hasn’t had a poo leak at all! Sometime she leaks when she does a few wee’s but that’s usually because I’ve missed a nappy Change! 🙈 good luck! Xx

  7. Halina

    We are transitioning next week (waiting on postie). Super excited! I love hearing different ways to wash! Love this!

    • Jessiika Wilson

      Oh good luck babe! I found it overwhelming at first but once I got my routine down it’s like riding a bike! Xx


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