My little guy Bowie has just turned ONE!
And to celebrate we are throwing parties, going on birthday outings and following Birthday traditions; one of them being the cake smash!
This is my second cake smash, Levi had one when he turned one and they have been completely different experiences. So if you’re looking at doing your own cake smash for your little babe then here are my top tips on how to Cake smash like a pro!


Use neutral colours. While you might think an  big blue cake will look amazing, once your babe munches into that and his drool starts running down the front of him with a tint of colour you won’t so much. We made this mistake with Levi and the photo’s weren’t the best because of this. Also try to avoid sprinkles or hundreads and thousands as they can do the same thing.
Stick to neutral colours like white and Caramel, or pastel pinks.


Don’t get extra with your cake. It’s purpose is meant for one thing and
one thing only; to be smashed.
Try making your cake yourself OR do what I did and get an amazing Caramel and fresh creamed sponge cake for $4 from Woolworths on the day of your smash.
Yes that’s right, $4. If you decide to make your cake the day before, or buy, make sure you get it out of the fridge a good hour before your smash.
If you don’t give the cream or icing enough time to soften it will be hard and no good for smashing! I’ve seen it at a party before and the poor little babe couldn’t get into it at all.


Keep it simple. You don’t need extravagant decorations and ridiculous outfits, keep it simple and keep it about the main focus, your baby and your cake.
A simple fairy light hanging that gives off a bokeh effect or a bunton that matches your cake is all you need.


Do it in private. When we did Levi’s smash cake last year we did it at his first birthday party, with everyone circled around, camera’s out’ he was so overwhelmed he didn’t want anything to do with it, he just cried and stretched his arm’s out wanting to be picked up the whole time. Which now looking back at it I completely understand, imagine being sat down with a giant cake in front of you with 30+ people watching you eat it… awks.
We did Bowie’s cake on his actual Birthday, we set up a little spot in his room on a mat and put his cake on a cake stand.
It was just Bowie, Phil, Levi and I and it felt really intimate and special and we loved it.


Let them be. Don’t hover, Don’t crowd them, Don’t stage every photo. Just put the cake in front of them and let them be, we really just let Bowie at it, I didn’t care if he hate it, hit it, threw it, put it in his hair, put his face in it, put his foot in it. It was his smash cake and he could do whatever he liked. We just made sure that there was a mat under him so he couldn’t get it on the rug but other then that it was free range. There’s literally no point in letting your babe do a smash cake if you don’t let them get messy! it’s suppose to be messy and fun and if you let them do as they please it can actually be really funny!

Well, those are my top 5 tips on how to cake smash like a pro! If there’s anything else you’ like to know you can ask me in the comment section below!
Otherwise thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of the photo’s from Bowie’s first smash cake.