I’m often told by friends, family, people on Instagram “You take the most beautiful pictures” & “Your family is so perfect” It’s such a compliment and I appreciate it so much but at the same time I’m reminded of how easy it is to influence & dictate how people see you and how you want to be perceived. Instagram is full of beautiful images, perfectly styled homes, perfectly dressed mothers and children, perfect perfect perfect thrown in our faces regularly. It can even make the most confident people feel like they’re failing. The thing we need to remember and remind ourselves every time we start to feel guilty about our selves is that each photo taken on Instagram is a second out of that persons day. Nobody know’s what happened before or after the photo, what’s happening to the left of the photo or behind the camera. You are only seeing what that person wants you to see, what I want you see. There is no such things as perfect, I think its so important that we remember we are all human, we are all mothers trying to do the best job we can. If you have a pile of washing that’s been sitting in the corner of your bedroom waiting to be folded for over a week and is growing day by day, holla! So do i, and if anyone has a problem with that, fuck them; they can come and fold it.
I’d much rather get the kids out of the house and go and do something then deal with that shit.

So in the midst of “tryna keep it real” I’ve shared a few snaps of my “instagram Vs. Reality” for you to have a giggle at, hopefully you still think I’m a delightful, hilarious legend rather than a disgusting sloth after looking. HA! just kidding I don’t care, YOLO



And there you have it folks, Instagram Vs. Reality