As you all know I have been celebrating my Birthday this month! Technically it is on the 22nd of July but I feel like I’ve earned the right to start early and drag it out this month after being pregnant for the last 2 years! It takes it’s toll.

Anyway, you know those people who you ask what they want for their Birthdays and literally every time they say “Oh nothing, don’t buy me anything…”? That’s me.
There is this guilt that comes when telling someone what you potentially want them to buy you, except for my hubby, I don’t feel that way with him; buy me all the things.

ANYWAY, lucky for me I have this kick ass group of friends who don’t listen to me when I tell them not to worry and who know me even more than I know myself because I was gifted the most amazing gift this weekend, the ULTIMATE gift; In my opinion. It was a bundle of beautiful things, for me, just me. All the things I have loved but maybe haven’t bought because I didn’t think I needed/deserved, maybe and most likely haven’t bought because I couldn’t afford it even? All the things I have had my eye on, wrapped in a pretty little bundle; just for ME.

And I think that’s what I love most about it, It’s not something the kids will want or steal, or something that Phil can use or take advantage of (selfish I know, but sometimes we need to be selfish) It’s just things for me that I can use and note hide or worry about somebody taking, okay I’ll still probably hide it because my 17 year old sister lives with me and is incredibly similar in taste.

So obviously I don’t know where each item exactly came from buy I’ll try to link them below as best I can! I’ve also added a couple of gifts I received this week too but will mention where! x

I think people undervalue Giftcards but I LOVE them, having the freedom to buy whatever you want is liberating for me! Especially when I know it’s not coming from my bank account! Thank you to my sweet friends, Tenny, Myks & Baby Aliona x

DSC_0936 - Copy
Jewellery, The way to any girls heart right? I am head over heals for these rose gold rings from Minimalist Jewellery! Thank you Anastasia for being such a doll and gifting these x

When I opened first opened this present and seen this clutch my eyes lit up, then I flipped it over and noticed it had my initials on it and I could have burst into tears.
Personal gifts, ones that have been thought about really pull at the heart strings and this one had me so warm hearted!

DSC_0940 - Copy

If ya’ll know me, you know I’m a HUGE Kardashian fan! So when I pulled out these beauties from my bag of goodies I’m pretty sure I happy danced! My sister just gifted me a hair curler for my birthday but I haven’t used it much [except for my birthday night..] Because I had no hair products! I bought some cheapies from Woolies but my hair plummeted within an hour! Soooo I cannot wait to get this all up in my hair! I sense a hair tutorial coming on, aha!

I often complain about the state of my makeup, I’m just not very good at it!
I’ve heard about these beauty blenders and am so happy I now own one! I think this is a great gifting idea! How many of you hold on to your make up brushes/blenders because you can’t be bothered buying a new one? Guilty! So this was the perfect gift for me.

DSC_0938 - Copy
Argan Oil! I was excited for this one, little things like this… the ones that you think about buying but you just don’t because you’re trying to stick to a budget. These are the gifts that mothers who forget about putting them selves first need, the ones they’ll appreciate. Atleast I did!

I like to think of these beauties as stocking fillers, the surprise gifts! It’s almost like a lucky dip! My gift bag was full of things like these, sample creams and sample makeup from department stores are great and CHEAP/FREE stocking fillers, you just ask the girls at the counter and boom, easy. If you”re looking for ways to fill the space in your gift bag these will do it.


Too Faced Cocoa Contour, this to me is a luxury item and something I would NEVER buy myself. I always put the boys first and so Instead of buying this I’d probably have bought them a toy they don’t need or another shirt to add to the 20 they already have #priorities. I am so in love with this palette and so grateful to have one, I think any mama lacking in the makeup department would really appreciate a gift like this!

DSC_0950 - Copy

Now that you’ve got all your gifts sorted, you need something to put them in!
My version of a make up case is a porcelain pineapple I got from target for $6 so this baby is a god send!



So that my friends is my little gift haul that I was so lucky to have been given over the weekend and I hope it’s given you some inspiration for any upcoming Birthday gifts you’re thinking about buying!

And to my beautiful friends, Erin, Kristie, Amy, Kayla and Tarryn; Thank you.
It’s so overwhelming and comforting to know I have such beautiful friends who generally care about me and know me better than I sometimes know myself. 

Love you all x 

Personalised Clutch – MIMCO
Makeup Bag – kmart
Gold Rose Rings – Minimalist Jewellery
Neck Choker – Bardot
Beauty & Hair Products – MECCA
Kardashian Products – Priceline
Bralette & Robe – Deshabille