I feel like I’m posting the oldest photos but if you’re anything like me you pay for all of these photo’s to be done and then let them sit on a USB drive forever. Not anymore!
Phil and I did these bump shots the weekend before I was due so we still had a little over 2 weeks before we even met little Levi. We had them taken down by the lakes at North Lakes for any mama’s who are located in Brissy and are looking for a sweet photo spot!
Phil had met a couple at a wedding expo who photographed weddings usually but they were more than happy to do some bump shots for us! I feel terrible because it was so long ago and I don’t remember the company name but they are still beautiful none the less so here are some of my faves xJess and Phil-1 - CopyJess and Phil-5 - CopyJess and Phil-7 - CopyJess and Phil-8 - CopyJess and Phil-9 - CopyJess and Phil-11 - CopyJess and Phil-19 - CopyJess and Phil-41Jess and Phil-37Jess and Phil-36 - CopyJess and Phil-35 - CopyJess and Phil-32 - CopyJess and Phil-26 - CopyJess and Phil-23 - Copy