Levi’s room has always been an area of struggle for me. I have never been happy with it. He has had at least 4 different styled Nursery’s and he’s not even 2 yet. I think renting and not being able to do what i really want with rooms has played  a big part in it. Also my sense of style, or rather no sense. I don’t fall into a particular style category, you can usually pick people’s style but I like to switch it up and rock a bit of everything.
I take inspiration from others and love trying different looks that people post. I think that’s another of the many reasons I love Instagram. It’s so versatile and the possibilities are endless.

This room has been fun to do, it’s been expensive, it’s been draining. It’s amazing how one can lose their cool over a children’s bedroom. But at the end of the day, it’s not just a child’s bedroom. It’s their place, their safe haven, it’s the place they first come home too, the place you go before they’re born so you can feel even closer to them. The place that holds everything that belongs to them, clothes, trinkets & treasures. The place that they know, their place.

“Your nursery is more than just a room, It’s more then just things in a room. It’s creating a space that will hold the deepest of memories. Four walls that will see you in your hardest hour and watch you grow as you reach every milestone. It is where you become a mother.”- Georg Woulfe, Winnie Dot.

Thank you to all of the wonderful stories who graciously contributed to this room, I am so grateful and I hope you love it as much as I do x

You can watch the video HERE or scroll for images.

love jess