I have always struggled to find breastfeeding clothes that are not only comfortable but stylish as well, if you’re anything like me you’ll most likely settle for wearing a t shirt and jeans and do your best to cover up the baby belly rolls every time you lift your shirt to feed in public. There are also other alternatives like using a cover or going to the baby rooms but 1# have you ever had your whole body under a blanket and tried breathing? ITS HARD and 2# if we had to run to the baby room every time our baby wanted a drink WE’D LIVE THERE FOREVER. Even though ,my breastfeeding journey with Bowie was short lived I still managed to get my hands on some really trendy Breast feeding dress’ that I just have to share with you guys! I LOVE these BF friendly dress’ from Addison clothing . Hayley is the mastermind behind this brand and started it when she was having her own troubles trying to find BF wear that was stylish & practical.
All 3 Dress’s come in a striped pattern made from 95% cotton and 5% Spandex (easy to fit over those expecting bellies) they each have a slit at the front of the dress that makes for easy access to the milk bar! I really love these dress’ and cannot recommend them enough.

And if you’re wondering the boys are wearing matching crawler pants from Skittle and Mouse The perfect wear for babies who are or beginning to crawl and little people who are forever skinning their knee’s while having adventures!

Enjoy x
love jess


Jessiika wearing BF friendly dress by Addison Clothing, Boys are both wearing Skittle and Mouse




Frankie dress





Pull up flap with easy access to the milk factory!


Indie Long Sleeve Dress



Indie Long sleeve dress


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