For when you just want to update those family photo’s on the wall or capture a snippet of a moment in time.

Inclusive on session fee & time and a small collection of 15 beautiful high resolution images.

$350 – $50 travel fee for distances further then 30 minutes.


For all your session needs, maternity to newborn, Family, mama & me; whatever your heart desires; this baby is for you.
Let me tell your story.

All inclusive of your session fee & time, minimum of 45 High Resolution digital images.



Like the Essential Collection, with a little more love.
All inclusive of your session time, minimum 60 high resolution digital images.



A little package to follow your journey from belly side to earth side, A package that covers your maternity and newborn session.
Includes all of your session costs, 100+ images between both sessions, can include in home or on location, whatever you’re dreaming about.



A limited service to ensure peace of mind knowing your birth won’t intertwine with someone else’s. Only one session is offered per month to allow me to be completely on call the weeks either side of your due date. Unlimited hours to cover your full birth story and the first few hours of life and your first moments as a family. If your baby arrives when the moon is high then we can cut your session short and I can return when the sun is shining (perfect for sibling meets) You keep every image (150+) supplied digitally for you to use, relive and print however your heart desires.


For planned C sections prices vary and go on a case by case basis.
Online store for print purchases available.

Still with me gorgeous?
A little more info for you below.


What areas do you cover?

I cover the general Brisbane area and Sunshine Coast. A lot of my shoots are on location and I usually prefer to head up the coast because it has some amazing locations up there and there is something for everyone, however If it’s a little too far or you have an amazing location spot in mind just let me know and we can work it all out! I want your shoot to be as close to your heart as you’d want it and if that means driving to the same spot you had your first date or you got engaged then you got it baby!

How far in advance should I book?

AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. I can not stress this enough, you can never book a photographer too early! You never know what other people are planning on the same date as you. Birth photography especially as I only take on one a month to avoid over lapping.
But also I’m human! I have a life and sometimes I take much needed family time with my loves and book holidays too so it’s just better to get in early so your spot is secured!

Do you require a deposit?

Yes. All bookings require a $250 deposit per booking to secure your session (Birth bookings are $500). These Deposits are non refundable and are due upon booking. Failure to pay your deposit on time can result in the loss of your spot, so don’t do it! We don’t want you missing out my love!

When is the best time to schedule newborn & maternity shoots?

For maternity i usually suggest around the 30-33 week mark, at this time you belly is on show but you’re still comfortable(ish) and are more flexible with your movement. It also limits the risk of missing your shoot because your baby decides to say hello early!

For newborn shoots I generally aim for within the first 10 days of baby being born, they are still quite sleepy then and aren’t as bothered by the extra movement, also they’re so so small and only this little once, they grow so fast so the sooner the better!

What happens if I need to reschedule or cancel my booking?

If you have already put a deposit down on a date and then need reschedule/cancel, that deposit is non refundable and a new deposit will need to be made to secure your new date. This comes down to the simple fact that I am a person, a mother, and this is my business that support’s my family. I am reliant on payment’s being made on time and as I only book a limited amount of jobs per month so that booking is really important. This does not apply to shoots rescheduled due to weather.

What happens if you can’t make it to my birth?

Heavens forbid this ever happens, but in the case of something crazy out of my control happens making me unable to make it to your birth then I will do my best to find a replacement photographer that I trust to come and take my place to shoot it, however I am not legally held in doing so. In the case that of me & any replacement photographer miss your birth completely you can choose to be compensated for another shoot or refunded less the deposit.

What if I have a C Section?

C sections are just as important and beautiful as natural births and that’s why I still offer sessions to cover this. The biggest thing to know when booking a C section is does your hospital allow photographers in theatre. Most will say no but that’s okay! In the event that they don’t allow it I will still be there to capture all your pre-theatre moments and when time comes to walk through those doors I will switch my camera to auto mode and it will go through with you. Your partner/support person can go snap happy! Take as many images as you like, the midwives will also offer to do this for you and they can be very good at it so don’t worry! Once you return you can hand it back to me and I can continue our session.

Almost honey, just a little bit more!

You Ready? Let’s do this!

You’ve probably got a thousand questions going through your head wondering how this all works and where to go from here to make it work for you. Let’s make it easy for you, put them all down in your reply email and I can answer all of them! I got you.


Once you’re ready to book in your session and lock in your date shoot me and email and pay your deposit! No bookings are confirmed until the deposit has been paid.


Now let’s start dreaming up how we can capture you and your bump, baby, little loves, love of your life, whoever it may be and tell your story.
You are going to love this,
I promise.